1940  Born and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska.
1963  Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, University of Nebraska.
1964  My art was a focus on "push & pull of space." Works had images on glass mounted in front of a painting.
1965  Moved to Los Angeles; art became influenced by bright sunlight, infinity ocean, & orginal thinking.
1971  Became a professional studio artist. Focused on "push and pull of space."
1973  Started working with mirrors, optical coatings on glass, and electric light to increase extended space.
1975  First artist to make mixed media art mandalas, and mixed media sculpture with dichroic glass.
1976  Moved to Malibu, California for the fresh air.
1979  Second artist to become devoted to dichroic art.
1982  First artist to make dichroic glass light sculpture.
1984  Moved Venice, California to get into center of visual arts.
1989  Built my studio into a moving van, & moved to Topanga, CA to get back to the sanity of the country side.
1995  Moved back to Lincoln, NE; was tired of the L.A. area. My style then softened with more curved images.
2007  Founded the "Musem of Dichroic Art;" operations in Orange, CA